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Quick tips for staying safe in the pool this summer

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | Injuries

Swimming is the perfect summer activity. As the temperatures rise, a dip in the pool lets you and the family enjoy being outside while still getting a break from the heat.

There’s nothing like a relaxing day at the pool. But it’s important to be safe around the pool as well. Here are some tips for staying safe around the pool this summer. 

Pick someone to be in charge

The problem with everyone thinking someone else is watching is that often, no one is watching. The next time you’re at the pool, pick someone to keep an eye on things. By having someone specific in charge of watching the group in the pool, it’s easier to ensure someone is paying attention.

Be sure to take turns, too. While it’s still nice to be around the pool, make sure everyone gets a chance to be “off duty” so that having a turn on watch isn’t such a chore.

Use arm floaties with caution

Kids love them and grown-ups feel safer with their kids wearing them. But that’s exactly why those adorable arm floaties are so dangerous.

With similar qualities to a life vest, arm floaties allow kids to float when they aren’t strong swimmers. But those cute little floaties can slip off and before the child realizes it, they are struggling for breath instead of bobbing on the surface.

Arm floaties can be a fun toy to play with, but they are a toy, not a reliable flotation device. If you’re going to allow arm floaties, resist the temptation to assume your child is safer with them.

Drowning: Know what to look for

Drowning doesn’t always look like drowning. In the movies we see people screaming and flailing their arms. In reality, drowning is often a silent event that can happen right under your nose. That is why is it one of the leading causes of accidental death in children.

Often, someone who is drowning is not able to vocalize or wave their arms. All their energy is consumed with just trying to keep their mouth above water.

While you’re at the pool, keep an eye out for people in the water who are alone, quiet and barely keeping their mouth above water. When in doubt, ask! If they are not able to respond, you may only have seconds to get them out of the water.

The pool can be a great place to cool off this summer. Just be sure to take the extra steps to be safe.

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