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Effectively Resolving Tortious Interference Matters

When people own property in Georgia, they expect to be able to fully enjoy it without having others infringe on their property rights. However, there may come a time when someone may seek to limit how much you can enjoy your property, or another person’s actions are preventing you from fully enjoying your own property.

At Duke & Heath, Attorneys at Law, our lawyers have extensive experience litigating a broad range of property rights, personal injury and criminal defense matters. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in tortious interference cases to advocate strongly on behalf of our clients’ rights and interests. We understand the law, and we know how to establish strong arguments designed to help you accomplish your goals.

What Is Tortious Interference?

Tortious interference is a broad legal term that applies to intentional torts that may involve trespassing, nuisance or general interference with the use and enjoyment of one’s own property. These types of cases can take a number of different forms, meaning each case requires a unique, hands-on analysis.

For example, if someone converts a portion of their land into a gun range and fails to create an adequate barrier to contain the bullets, nearby homeowners may be concerned about their safety. The neighbors may feel that the dangers posed are infringing on their rights to feel safe on their own property. The owner of the gun range, on the other hand, may feel removing the gun range is violating their own property rights.

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