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Assisting West Georgians With Family Law Matters

At Duke & Heath, Attorneys at Law, we understand that your family matters more than anything else in your life. Whether you are considering a divorce, trying to manage a visitation schedule to spend time with your child or struggling to escape violence in your own home, Georgia law provides a means for you to seek the justice you need.

Our lead attorney, Desiree D. Duke, has prior experience working for large corporations and as a district attorney. Her broad knowledge base gives her the ability to handle everything from complicated asset division disputes to serious domestic violence allegations.

“I fight when I need to fight, and I compromise when I need to compromise. I do what is best for my clients in all situations.” — Lawyer Desiree D. Duke

Unearthing The Legal Solution That Is Best For You

If you choose our Carrollton law firm, we will dig through the evidence, do our homework and unearth real solutions to your problems. We can also answer your questions and assist you with:

  • Ending a marriage through contested (in court), uncontested (negotiated) and high-asset divorce actions
  • Adopting a child, including adoptions by stepparents, grandparents and other third parties
  • Determining child custody and parenting time arrangements
  • Calculating child support or modifying those amounts
  • Negotiating alimony, technically called spousal support
  • Ending domestic abuse, including obtaining orders for protection to help protect targets of violence from abusers
  • Addressing LGBT concerns related to divorce, custody and other matters
  • Dealing with juvenile issues, including Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (GDFCS) child removal hearings and delinquency hearings
  • Dividing marital property under the equitable distribution laws
  • Establishing paternity and legitimation to confirm a child’s parentage and/or legal status
  • Modifying orders for child support, alimony or regarding child custody or visitation schedules
  • Pursuing contempt actions against parties who fail to obey court orders (such as parents who fail to pay child support)
  • Obtaining guardian ad litem appointments (representing the interests of minor children, as appointed by the court)

We also explore with clients the best approach for your case, including traditional negotiation, mediation, collaborative divorce or courtroom litigation.

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Duke & Heath, Attorneys at Law, seeks prompt, cost-effective solutions for clients whenever possible. Contact us today for a free initial consultation. One of our Carroll County family law attorneys will sit down with you, discuss your legal issues and offer viable solutions.