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Standard of care matters in medical malpractice claims

Doctors who are diagnosing and treating patients must provide care that meets or exceeds the standard of care. When they fail to do this, the patients can suffer. In some cases, it can lead to permanent problems or death. It is imperative that all medical providers ensure they are doing things up to par for their patients.

There are many factors when it comes to standard of care. Not all patients will have the exact same standards to meet. Understanding standards of care might shed some light on why it is sometimes difficult to determine.

Be cautious when out on your motorcycle

Motorcycle crashes are a sure way to put an end to the fun of the warmer months. For the men and women who ride them, safety is a priority. Unfortunately, other drivers on the road might not share that same sentiment. This can make each ride dangerous for the motorcyclists who are out enjoying their rides.

Everyone who is going to be out on the roads during the upcoming months must make sure that they are taking proper precautions. All vehicles on the road have rights that others must respect. Failing to do so is one of the primary causes of accidents between motorcycles and other vehicles. Safety culture begins before you leave home.

Hazardous weather plays a role in crashes in Georgia

Whether it's spring storms or the summer heat, weather can play a significant role in the safety of drivers on the roads. It is of the utmost importance that you are prepared for those conditions, so that you can reduce the risk of a serious accident.

There are many different weather conditions you could run into. Here are three and how you can respond to them to keep yourself as safe as possible.

Can I sue the landlord for my fall down their steps?

You're visiting a friend at her rented Georgia home. As you are leaving the residence, you break your ankle when you take a tumble on the shaky set of steps leading up to the porch.

It's a bad break, necessitating surgery, rehab and many days off of work. Your wallet takes a big hit from this easily preventable injury. Do you have recourse to recover any of your expenses?

What do victims of wrecks need to know about compensation claims?

There is no reason why a person who is involved in a motor vehicle accident caused by another driver should have to cover the costs of the crash on their own. These individuals have the option of seeking compensation for the damages they suffered. Some people might be unsure of what this means, so browsing through a few frequently asked questions is beneficial.

While you are reviewing this information, remember that every case is different. You have to find out how the circumstances of your case might impact the outcome. This enables you to make decisions based on what's unique to your circumstances.

Staying safe as a pedestrian in Georgia

As a pedestrian you are subject to the possible danger of being hit by a car or someone biking down the street, as you do not have the same protection as a car. While it is not always possible to avoid being struck by a vehicle, there are precautions you can take while walking that can help you avoid an injury or fatality.

Pedestrian deaths have been on the rise in Georgia. In fact, in 2015 the number of pedestrian deaths increased by 30 individuals.

Surgical errors must be immediately addressed

Patients who need to have surgery depend on the surgeon and the rest of the staff in the operating room to keep them safe during the procedure. All hospitals and surgical centers must have protocol and procedures in place to help keep the patients from suffering harm.

There are several dangers that have to be addressed in these plans. When any of these protocols is missing or if someone in the surgical suite neglects their duties, the patient might be injured.

Knowledge of pedestrian-vehicle accidents can keep you safe

It doesn't matter if you're walking, jogging or riding your bike, there is a chance you're doing so in close proximity to motor vehicles. As long as you understand the risks and the steps you can take to prevent an accident, each of these enjoyable -- as well as practical and environmentally-friendly -- pastimes can be enjoyed for the reasons you pursue them.

As you learn more about the common causes of pedestrian-vehicle accidents, you'll find it easier to adjust your approach to enhance your safety. Here are some of the most common factors contributing to driver negligence:

  • Distracted driving, such as when a driver is texting when navigating a crowded city street
  • Speeding
  • Failure to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks
  • Disobeying traffic signals, such as speeding through a red light or rolling through a stop sign
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or prescription medication
  • Disregard for traffic conditions, such as during rush hour
  • Disregard for inclement weather

Many factors may lead to semitruck crashes

Semitruck crashes are devastating for the victims whose lives are suddenly upended due to serious injuries after the crash. When there is a wreck, the injured parties can explore their option of seeking compensation. As part of this, they will usually need to include what factors contributed to the incident.

It is easy to assume that trucker error always causes semitruck crashes. This isn't true, but those types of errors are factors in many of them. In some cases, there might be two or more contributing factors that cause the wreck.

Fake bike helmets can cause extreme injury or death

If you are really concerned about protecting your head while out biking, you may want to re-consider your thought process if you think that any helmet will do. While the fit and look of a helmet can be very important, it turns out that the durability of a helmet should also be considered. This is because the market has been infiltrated by counterfeit helmets that don’t meet safety standards and may not protect you from a catastrophic injury.

There are government regulations for bike helmets, but counterfeit helmets have been getting around those requirements by having logos that relate to meeting European standards. An indicator of a fake helmet will be missing a sticker that the helmet meets the standards of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Most counterfeit helmets seized by the government are from shipments coming in internationally.

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