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Skilled Criminal Defense In Carroll County And Beyond

At Duke & Heath, Attorneys at Law, we understand how seriously a criminal conviction can affect your life. From jail or prison time to heavy fines and lost job opportunities, you are in danger of many consequences. We take on many types of criminal defense cases — we are here to answer your questions and protect your constitutional rights.

Read answers to a few frequently asked questions about criminal law.

Our criminal defense attorneys can take action on your behalf to minimize the penalties you face. Based in Carrollton, we handle cases throughout west Georgia involving all types of criminal matters, including the following:

If you have been arrested or charged with any crime, we can meet with you to discuss your circumstances and your legal options. Attorney Desiree D. Duke has a record of working with people who have prior criminal records — and those who do not — to help them seek favorable results from the justice system. She can answer all your questions about criminal law in Georgia.

Know Your Rights And Make Justice Work For You

Following this “do’s and don’ts” list can ensure that your rights are respected following an arrest. If you are stopped by law enforcement, please:

  • Remain calm. Don’t run or drive away.
  • Do ask for an attorney.
  • Don’t answer questions. Police can lie to you and trick you. So remember, what you don’t say can’t hurt you!
  • Don’t give consent to a search.
  • Do refuse a field sobriety, breath or blood test until you have spoken with your attorney. This is your right.
  • If you take a blood, breath or urine test, you have the right to request an independent test immediately.
  • Do remain silent and wait for your attorney to arrive.
  • Do protect yourself. It is right for you to assert your rights and make justice work for you.

Charged With DUI? We Can Help!

Many Georgians think that if they are pulled over by police on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), they won’t lose their driver’s license unless they are convicted. This is false. In reality, the state’s conviction and license revocation processes are completely separate.

What does this mean if you are pulled over? If you blow a .08 BAC (blood alcohol concentration) in an initial breath test, or if you refuse to take that test, you will have 10 days to request a hearing with the Georgia Department of Driver Services to preserve your right to drive.

After you are cited for drunk driving in west Georgia, don’t wait another minute to consult an experienced DUI defense lawyer. At Duke & Heath, Attorneys at Law, our attorneys understand the laws, procedures and standards involved in drunk driving cases, which means they can argue effectively on your behalf in court and in an administrative hearing.

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