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Defending Drivers After DUI Charges In West Georgia

Contrary to popular belief, there are two forces working against you trying to suspend your license after a DUI arrest. In fact, your license can be suspended within 10 days of your arrest without a hearing.

During the 10-day period, you have to request a hearing with the Georgia Department of Driver Services. You can benefit from the experienced representation of a DUI defense lawyer who works hard to make justice work for you.

In west Georgia, that client-focused criminal defense law firm is Duke & Heath, Attorneys at Law. We understand the law, procedures and standards involved in drunk driving cases. We will argue effectively on your behalf in court and in an administrative hearing, discrediting police arrest methods and minimizing the negative impact of your traffic stop, so you can continue to get to your job and provide for your family.

Contact Duke & Heath, Attorneys at Law, today if you have been arrested for DUI. We work hard to make justice work for you. Call us at 678-390-5577.

Comprehensive Drunk Driving Defense

Our firm provides a broad range of quality legal services after a DUI. These include:

  • Investigation of the circumstances leading to your DUI arrest
  • Protection of your Georgia driving privileges and a driver’s license that may have been suspended or revoked
  • Advocacy for lesser alternative punishments in case of a conviction for a first-time offender
  • Representation for a refusal of field sobriety or breath testing
  • Representation when a DUI accident causes serious or fatal injuries to others

Our skilled attorneys in Carrollton offer free initial consultations at 678-390-5577 or by email. Our job is to solve real problems for real people.