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Collaborative Divorce: A Better Way To Part Ways

Litigation has its time and place, but many couples aren’t interested in a divorce battle. Collaborative divorce has grown in popularity as an alternative to an expensive and acrimonious courtroom fight.

The attorneys of Duke & Heath are trained in the collaborative law method to guide clients to an amicable settlement. When all parties — the spouses and lawyers — are working toward the same goal, the process and the end results are better.

Taking Litigation Out Of The Equation

The core component of collaborative divorce is a formal agreement not to litigate. The lawyers are bound by the agreement. If either spouse backs out, the parties must hire new counsel and start over. So, there is an incentive on all sides to go forward and work through the issues.

What Makes Collaborative Divorce Work?

Collaborative divorce lawyers are trained in techniques that downplay conflict and encourage resolution. The process is different from traditional divorce proceedings and also different from mediation:

  • Without the threat of litigation, the atmosphere is more conducive to dialogue and problem-solving.
  • Unlike mediation, you are still negotiating with your attorney at your side.
  • It’s quicker, as the timeline is not dependent on backlogged court dockets.
  • Collaborative sessions often involve parenting coaches, financial advisers and other professionals to create “big picture” solutions.

The Win-Win Solutions

In a bitterly contested divorce or custody dispute, no one really wins, especially your children. Collaborative divorce seeks to move everyone forward with practical arrangements and with their dignity intact.

As a former prosecutor and trial lawyer in high-stakes corporate litigation, Desiree Dukes is uniquely qualified for collaborative law. She understands the value of an out-of-court settlement. She can zero in on the crux of disputes. And she has a sixth sense for when negotiations are about to go off the rails and can gently but firmly guide the discussion back on track.

Is Collaborative Divorce Right For You?

Collaborative family law can work in high-asset divorce, contested custody and other complex scenarios. But it does require two people who can set aside grievances and “keep their eyes on the prize.” We invite you to learn more and explore whether your situation is a good candidate for collaborative divorce.

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