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What Are Four Things You Should Do After A Crash?

At Duke & Heath, Attorneys at Law, we have significant experience assisting victims of motor vehicle accidents in Carroll County and across West Georgia. Over the years, we have made a list of the top four things you should do after a car wreck:

  • One: Seek medical attention. Whether you have an obvious injury or you feel fine, it’s wise to get checked out by a doctor. Sometimes injuries don’t reveal themselves right away, so what you think is only soreness could actually be a serious neck or back injury. Also, it’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter. Not only does obtaining medical care help you get better, but it also provides the evidence we need to help develop your personal injury case.
  • Two: Get an accident report. After your motor vehicle crash, you should call the police so they can fill out an accident report. This official statement will likely play an important role in your case.
  • Three: Avoid talking to the other party’s insurance company. If the insurance company’s agents ask you for a recorded statement, refuse to give it. They are specially trained in how to word questions in a way that gives them ammunition to use against you. Don’t give them anything to work with.
  • Four: Seek legal advice. Don’t wait to consult a lawyer who can take over the legal details for you. Not only can an attorney reduce your stress by dealing with the insurance companies on your behalf, but he or she can also help you get the quality medical care you deserve. For instance, if your doctor says you’ve fully recovered but you still don’t feel okay, we can arrange for you to meet with a different physician and get a second opinion. We are truly here to help.

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