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Helping Victims Of Medical Malpractice

No one deserves to be treated with carelessness or negligence, especially when his or her health is on the line. At Duke & Heath, Attorneys at Law, in Carrollton, our attorneys can assist you with a wide array of medical malpractice cases, including:

  • Birth injuries — We represent Georgia families whose children were injured during the labor and delivery process. We also represent mothers who were harmed by medical negligence. Such cases may involve forceps or vacuum extractor injuries, failure to respond to fetal distress, shoulder dystocia, cerebral palsy, oxygen deprivation, uterine rupture, serious infections and more.
  • Surgical errors — Surgeons and anesthesiologists may be held accountable for various types of negligence. This may include operating on the wrong body part, using the wrong amount of anesthesia, leaving instruments or objects behind in the patient’s body, puncturing other organs and making other mistakes.
  • Failure to diagnose — Medical professionals have a duty to adhere to a reasonable standard of care, which includes accurately diagnosing conditions as promptly as possible. Our law firm handles failure to diagnose cancer, heart conditions, stroke and other serious conditions. We also handle cases involving failure to properly read MRIs, X-rays and mammograms.
  • Medication errors — Doctors and pharmacists alike may make serious mistakes involving prescription drugs. Such errors include prescribing the wrong medication, dispensing the wrong dose, ignoring the danger of certain drug interactions and more.

We Work With Licensed Nurses To Review The Medical Records

Duke & Heath, Attorneys at Law, is proud to partner with another Georgia firm in medical malpractice cases. We have access to on-staff nurses who carefully review the pertinent medical records. This allows us to efficiently assess the value of cases and develop strong claims whenever possible.

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