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Why the cost of a lawyer should not dissuade you from hiring one

On Behalf of | May 1, 2017 | Premises Liability


Why the cost of a lawyer should not dissuade you from hiring one

Every day, individuals in the state of Georgia sustain serious injuries from slip-and-falls because of poorly maintained property or from the negligence of a physician or hospital personnel.

In these instances, insurance companies are often involved. Depending on the circumstances, they are responsible for paying out claims to injured parties.

Despite the reluctance to deal with insurance carriers one-on-one, many injured parties do so anyway for two reasons:

1.   Many say they cannot afford to pay an attorney to help with their claim, or

2.   People believe that the cost of hiring an attorney will be so expensive that, in the end, they will recover next to nothing

Both of these are misnomers. Here’s why.


Attorneys offer contingency payment arrangements

Many personal injury attorneys offer contingency fee arrangements. This means that injured parties and their families pay nothing unless the attorney recovers compensation for them. If the attorney does not recovery, they pay nothing. It is a risk free situation.

Lawyers often recover more than injured parties would on their own

Insurance adjusters act in the best interests of the insurance company, not the injured party. They avoid paying out unnecessary claims whenever possible. They know the law and have extensive resources at their disposal—an advantage many consumers do not possess.

And carriers, unfortunately, know this. Some have been known to take advantage of consumers’ lack of knowledge regarding insurance law and, as a result, they underpay claims and settle with injured parties for less than their claim is worth.

But not when a lawyer is involved. An attorney with equal knowledge of the laws and procedures evens the playing field.

Your attorney may charge a fee, but in the long run, hiring one often means you recover more.

Another perk – attorneys offer free consultations

Many attorneys also offer free, no-obligation initial consultations to discuss personal injury cases. You have nothing to lose by having a simple discussion with a legal professional about your injuries, the laws regarding filing a civil action in Georgia and what you could potentially recover for your situation.



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