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After the crash: how to receive medical aid without insurance

An auto accident damages more than just the vehicles involved. A National Institute of Health study showed 70 percent of car crash victims who suffered soft-tissue injuries still had symptoms 15 years down the road. It is essential you receive the medical care needed to recover after an accident.

Unfortunately, many people in the U.S do not have health insurance. This prevents much-needed doctor’ visits, medical treatments and therapy. If this is your situation, do not lose hope. Despite whether or not you can afford to pay up front, there is a chance you can be fully compensated.

Who will pay for your medical bills?

It’s possible to pursue financial compensation for vehicle repairs and lost income, but your emotional and physical health is paramount. An injury settlement should reflect the pain and suffering that someone else’s negligence caused you. Your medical bills might be covered by:

  • The other driver. If you do not have health insurance, hospitals will sometimes offer to bill the other driver’s insurance company. This can cover some or all your medical costs up front.
  • Car insurance. It sounds odd, but your car insurance can act the role of health insurance. Most car insurance policies have medical payments coverage. Medical payments coverage ranges from $1,000 to $10,000, so it might cover your injuries.

But who pays in the end?

The accident wasn’t your fault. So, the other person should pay, right? Maybe in a perfect world. Without health insurance, you rely on the settlement or verdict. Your medical expenses won’t be taken care of until the case is over. Even then, the hospital that offers to bill other driver’s insurance company will file a medical lien against the settlement. In the end, you still pay.

Moving forward without insurance

Without the help of insurance, your medical bills will need to be covered by a settlement. A settlement can take some time, so you will need another plan. Personal injury attorneys can work with medical care providers to delay bills. This way you can receive medical care first, and the bills will come out of your settlement later.

This is not the only option. There are other routes you can take to ensure you receive medical attention without insurance. Do not be afraid to pursue assistance for your personal injury after an accident due to someone else’s negligence.

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