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Fall poses distinct driving hazards

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Personal Injury

While northwestern Georgia does not experience the dramatic seasonal changes of some of the more northern states, autumn is a time of exquisite beauty in our state.

But that beauty can belie some dangerous hazards for Carrollton motorists. Let’s explore some of the autumn driving hazards that you might face in our neck of the woods.

School traffic

While certainly not unique to our area, fall traffic includes school buses and parents dropping off children at school and picking them up when classes end. There also are a number of kids walking and riding their bikes to and from school.

This means that drivers need to abide by all posted speed limits and pay particular attention when they are driving through school zones.

Autumn leaves pose hazards

While they certainly look pretty dressed in their fall colors, the lovely leaves are also driving hazards. Piles of leaves can disguise potholes and road markings. They also can provide cover for small animals that might be hiding beneath them. When they catch the wind and collect on your windshield, your vision can be at least momentarily obscured. Also, once leaves get wet, they become dangerously slippery.

Autumn weather can be rainy

As fall transitions into winter, you can generally expect a decent amount of rainfall to occur here in northern Georgia. This weather can pose additional dangers to motorists as they attempt to navigate the highways and byways of our region.

Foggy weather common in the fall

Low-lying areas are especially prone to fog. But fog can accumulate almost anywhere when conditions are right. Drivers must adapt quickly to foggy conditions. Using the low beams of your headlights is recommended in foggy conditions.

Frost can develop overnight

As the autumn nights get cooler, there may be mornings with some frost on the proverbial pumpkin. Bridges and overpasses tend to get icy more easily than the surface streets, so be especially careful when driving over them on your way to school or work on cold mornings.

When accidents occur

Regardless of the season, another driver’s negligence can cause collisions. This autumn, if you suffer injuries in an accident with an at-fault driver, make sure that you take the steps to hold the errant driver and their insurance company liable for your damages and other losses.

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