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3 safety innovations designed to cut injury risk for bicyclists

Georgia bicycle enthusiasts enjoy fine weather for much of the year, so many ride frequently, even daily. However, if you belong to this group you know you must use extra care when riding around traffic.

Here are three safety innovations designed to keep bicyclists like you safer on the road.

The smart helmet

One of the most dangerous positions for a bicyclist is being in a motorist’s blind spot. The Classon Helmet has cameras front and back that alert you to an approaching vehicle or let you know you are in a vehicle’s blind spot so you can take the appropriate action. This smart helmet also has lights on the sides and back that illuminate along with your arm movements to indicate an upcoming brake or turn.

Laser protection

Michelin offers “Bikesphere,” innovative technology that surrounds your bike with a laser circle on the ground. This is essentially a proximity detector so that passing vehicles give you the space you need to stay safe. Lights positioned on the bike’s handlebars use sensors to detect an approaching vehicle and activate the protective laser circle.

LED turn signals

Bicycle riding after dark can be dangerous, but the “Bicycle Winkler” can help keep you safe. Using Bluetooth technology, a series of LEDs replace the standard bike pedals. When you depress buttons on the ends of the handlebars, the appropriate pedal illuminates and flashes, signaling a turn.

A safer ride

Staying alert around traffic is top priority for any bicyclist. Life-changing injuries can result from a vehicle-bicycle crash along with costly medical care. Safety is a primary concern, but technology designed with this in mind can provide you and your fellow riders with extra confidence.

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