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Understanding where bike accidents occur and why

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Personal Injury

Bicycling is a joyous hobby. Riders get exercise while exploring the outdoors. They also go places without spending money on gasoline or burning fossil fuels.

The downside is that cyclists are vulnerable to injury. Getting knocked into by a car or truck can be catastrophic. For this reason, helmets and knee pads are necessary accessories. Even with them on, critical harm may result from a crash. Someone hit by a motor vehicle might need to hire a personal injury attorney.

Urban territories

Most bike accidents take place in heavily populated settings. The higher prevalence of traffic makes collisions with passenger vehicles much more likely. Cyclists should stay on sidewalks and bike paths when passing through these territories. Thankfully, American metropolises are increasing their infrastructure to accommodate riders.

Busy streets

People who ride bikes must use extreme caution when heading out on major roads. Higher speed limits make traveling on them particularly precarious. We have laws in place about sharing byways. Sadly, vehicle operators sometimes have a habit of ignoring these rules.

Residential driveways

Bicycling enthusiasts often prefer riding in the early morning. There is a good chance they are enjoying a spin while others are heading to their jobs. As working individuals back out of their driveways, they may not pay attention. They could be getting a sip of coffee or thinking about what to say during an upcoming presentation. Such inattentive operators are sometimes responsible for causing serious harm.

Avid bikers should be able to enjoy their activity without worry. The unfortunate reality is that they must always be cautious. Safety increases when they know when and where accidents tend to happen.

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