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An auto wreck ought not wreck your life: What to do after a crash

No matter what measures you take to protect yourself behind the wheel, motor vehicle accidents cannot always be avoided. Unfortunately, depending on the nature of your car crash, you may end up developing serious injuries.

In many instances, car accidents in Georgia occur due to another driver’s carelessness. For instance, perhaps the other driver was texting while driving, or maybe he or she was speeding at the time of the unfortunate incident. Taking a few steps immediately following an accident that was no fault of your own may help you to protect your future best interests.

At the crash scene

Right after the car accident occurs, checking yourself as well as other passengers and drivers for injuries is obviously the most important first step to take, as serious injuries will require immediate medical attention. You may also want to contact the police if injuries have occurred so that an officer can document your accident. Although a police report can be filed later, doing it directly following the collision will help to ensure that a more accurate report is produced.

While at the scene, snapping pictures of the injuries you have suffered might be helpful. You might also benefit from taking pictures of any damage your car sustained in the automobile wreck. Taking notes about the accident details may further help you to preserve all possible evidence. Finally, gathering the personal information of the individual who caused the accident is crucial. This information includes the driver’s name, telephone number and address, along with the name of the driver’s insurance company and his or her policy number.

After you have left the accident scene

Taking a few extra steps once you have left the crash scene may also be in your best interest. These include obtaining a copy of the police report filed regarding your accident. You may also want to get a valuation of any property damage sustained in the collision. In addition, if you have to see doctors or even other health care professionals, such as a physical therapist, due to your injuries, documenting the medical treatment you have received along with your physical condition may be a wise move.

You might also want to write down notes regarding any psychological effects of which you are now suffering, along with explaining how your injuries have impacted your quality of life. This information may help you to even more effectively make your case if you decide to pursue monetary compensation by means of a personal injury civil claim. Any awarded restitution can help cover your medical costs and other losses stemming from the auto wreck.

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