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Get medical care after a car crash, even if you’re uninsured

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2019 | Personal Injury

You may know immediately after a crash that you’re hurt. You may feel pain in your neck and shoulders due to soft tissue damage or joint injuries. You could have a broken bone that hurts right after the crash. Maybe you struck your head on the windshield or the steering wheel.

However, because you don’t have an active health insurance policy, you might consider skipping medical attention, choosing instead to hope for the best. If the other driver is clearly at fault for the crash, you can seek medical care, knowing that their insurance policy should eventually cover those costs. You shouldn’t have to go without adequate medical care after an automobile crash, especially if there is the potential for long-term consequences associated with your injury.

Not receiving proper care for a head injury, for example, could leave you vulnerable to worsening symptoms over time. Inadequate care for broken bones or soft tissue injuries could result in future pain, weakness or loss of range of motion. Getting medical care after a crash protects your overall health, and if another driver is responsible, it doesn’t have to hurt your pocketbook.

Seeking medical care can help you with a claim

Especially in cases where an injury has lasting consequences, medical records confirming the nature and extent of the injury, as well as its relationship to the accident itself, can help if you need to file a claim in the future, whether you’re going through insurance or filing a civil lawsuit.

When you arrive at the medical facility, you should advise them that there will be a motor vehicle claim involved. That way, they can make notes regarding how you suffered your injuries. The hospital also may be more inclined to work with you for delayed billing or similar arrangements as you work your way through the claim process to connect with compensation for the medical costs involved.

A lawyer can help you navigate complicated liability issues

Even filing a claim against another driver’s liability coverage can prove to be a complex and difficult process in Georgia. If your injuries will cost you more than the coverage the other driver has, which could be as little as $25,000 for medical care, you may also need to consider filing a civil lawsuit. An attorney can help with this process.

You shouldn’t have to struggle to make ends meet or live in pain after an accident just because you don’t have health insurance. If someone else hurts you, they are legally and financially responsible for the damages they caused. Working with an attorney can help you hold that other person responsible for their actions and help you overcome the impact of the crash on your life.

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