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3 tips for keeping children safe while bicycling

Many people of all ages enjoy riding bicycles. However, there are certain risks involved with riding a bicycle, even in an area that does not have much traffic.

If your children love riding their bicycles, then it is important that they understand how to keep themselves safe. The following tips can help you teach your children how to minimize accidents.

1. Use safety equipment

There are many new safety innovations for bicyclists, and having your children use special gear or other features can help protect them. Have your children wear helmets that fit properly and are in good condition, as well as brightly colored clothing. Reflectors, lights and bells are popular and simple safety features and can come with the purchase of the bicycle.

2. Teach the rules of the road

Cyclists should observe the rules of the road while riding in the street. This includes using hand signs, observing traffic signals and riding on the right side of the road in the same direction of traffic. Small children should ride on the sideway until they are ready to use bike lanes or ride responsibly in the street.

3. Demonstrate correct behavior

Leading by example can show your children that you take safety seriously and expect them to do the same. Use safety gear and seek out safe routes to encourage your children to do the same. If possible, ask older siblings or friends to model good behavior to reinforce the concepts.

It is not possible to completely eliminate the risk of an accident. However, implementing safety procedures can help you protect your children from suffering serious harm.

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